My name is Connie. Usually people will tell you their full names, but I won’t do it just because I don’t feel the need to do so my name has no surname. 

I’m a half proud Chinese—Indonesian residing in Jakarta at the moment. The funny thing is, I can’t speak Mandarin. For real. Not even interested in learning to be honest (I’ve tried but it didn’t freaking work out) so I gave up.

My family consists of me, my brother who is one year younger than me, father, mother and very healthy grandparents —I think they’re actually way fitter than my dad lmao— from my mom’s side. As the oldest one, I feel the need to be a good role model to my family, which I, in reality failed try to become.

I was born on September 30, 1999. Yes, a sophomore at Senior High School and turning 16 in a matter of months. OMG, I still can’t believe that I’m going to turn 17 next year! /squeals/

Update: I’m turning seventeen this year and is now a senior at high school.

Update 2.0: I’m on my last year of high school and going to enter university in a few months, please pray for me! Also, I can now elect, vote, drive, watch rated movies and get married legally

That being said, my star sign is a Libra, in which I feel very relatable with. People say you shouldn’t believe in horoscopes so much, but that rule definitely doesn’t apply to me since I’m crazy about superstitions, fortune-telling and stuff. I know a lot about zodiacs, and so far I could guess someone’s personality accurately because of that. It does help me to choose friends and just basically, amazed people lol.

Anyway, I don’t like being asked about my very personal information but it’s safe to say that I’m very short in real life (5 footers unite!); I prefer being called fun—sized for that really (FYI, every part of my body is short, which would be considered cute if it is not for the fact that I’m 128 pounds in weight). I mean, being short has its perks at times too. I’m fine with it as long as you don’t make fun of me only because of my size. 

I am partially a student and an amateur writer. Yep, not those types of professional writers, but more like writing on personal blogs, doodling things, and venting out random thoughts in my binder every once in a while.

On the other hand, I love singing (not professionally, of course). As you can see, music has always been one of my biggest passion. Especially acoustic covers. Although to be honest, I don’t have a specific preference, but I do enjoy listening to K-Pop a lot (If it’s not obvious to you enough). I listen to a lot of genres, so don’t worry if you like psychedelic rock, heavy metal, or even a fan of an unpopular funk band. Most likely we click and I’d know which groups or songs you’re talking about. I also have a massive amount of hobbies. Though I’m not actually good with all hobbies that I fancy.

Since I’m an easily bored person, I have an on off relationship with a lot of things —thankfully, not including boyfriend since i’m single but not ready to mingle yet— including watching dramas, interests, subjects, well, everything. It’s also one of the many reasons why I have a lot of enthusiasm in things that I can never understand them well. I guess that’s one of my weakness.

Speaking about weaknesses, I have a lot. To name a few; I’m very indecisive, moody, over-thinker, capricious, sensitive, temperamental, pessimistic, skeptical, loquacious, clumsy, have a chronic bitch face, the list is endless. Actually, I could say that my talkativeness is quite a strength of mine too. As well as being critical, resourceful, vivacious, perfectionist, observant and great attention into details; a few positive traits that not many people have. Oops! I’ve written so much about me already. 

How about you introduce yourself in the comments below?
Have a good day, earthlings & see you on my next post!



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